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The future looks bright, but concerted effort is needed from the regional body.

As a concluding remark, it is inevitable to point out that the expectations facing ASEAN are thus high, especially as a consequence of the Charter and the birth of the various bodies mentioned in this paper. Stockmann, Indonesia s Struggle for Rule of Law, eds.

Even though ASEAN countries are diverse in size, the level of development, language and religion, they share the goal to be united as one.

Regardless of their differences, these ten countries share a similar emphasis on human resource development.

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While some are linked with academic institutions, others are more grassroots-oriented.

While some are more local in inputs and networking, others are more from the international field [46].

A key message concerning the role of civil society is that in their plurality, they act as an important check-and-balance for the promotion and protection of human rights in the region and they deserve to be well supported as part of the building of a comprehensive human rights system for the region.

Generally, civil society groups are in a position of applying pressure on the government to succumb to the will of the citizens or members of the public.

Hence, civil society groups and other citizens or collectives could change the cost-benefit calculation of their national leaders even if reshaping their leaders normative beliefs proves too formidable a task.

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They guarantee a broad range of fundamental freedoms, political and civic rights as well as economic and social rights [47].

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