Wpf binding not updating propertychanged

The first one is set to Explicit, which basically means that the source won't be updated unless you manually do it.For that reason, I have added a button next to the Text Box, which will update the source value on demand.Take one WPF Window in which there are a total of three fields: First Name, Last Name and Full Name.Here, first name and last name text boxes are editable.

The Update Source Trigger property of a binding controls how and when a changed value is sent back to the source.It means that the source value will be updated each time the destination control loses focus.The third and last Text Box uses the Property Changed value, which means that the source value will be updated each time the bound property changes, which it does in this case as soon as the text changes.It defaults to the value "Default", which basically means that the source is updated based on the property that you bind to.As of writing, all properties except for the Text property, is updated as soon as the property changes (Property Changed), while the Text property is updated when focus on the destination element is lost (Lost Focus).

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