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The paper edition was originally a joint production between the FIG and AIPS (International Sports Press Association), running from 1979-91.In June 1991, the first issue (Number 0) appeared under the sole direction of the FIG.Answers to all of these questions and many more may be found on the Did You Know? New Travel Facts pages for nine countries and one overseas territory - Grenada, Honduras, Hungary, Malta, Monaco, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Ukraine, Zambia, and Gibraltar - have been added to the website.

Eventually, all country descriptions will include these useful and celebrated maps.

Since 2010, the FIG has published high quality videos, competition highlights, archived live streams and news clips on its You Tube channel which also features technical videos and individual routines from World Championship qualifications.

FIGymnastics, the FIG's official mobile application, is the go-to app for Gymnastics news and information.

The total number of available Travel Facts has now reached 164!

In light of recent events in the Persian Gulf, The World Factbook has added a special statement to the "Maritime threats" entry (in the Military and Security category) for Iran, Oman, and the Indian Ocean that warns of dangers to commercial shipping in the waters off the Iranian coast and around the Arabian Peninsula.

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With live scoring, explanatory videos, exclusive photos, competition breakdowns and social media feeds, the app is designed to provide fans with up-to-the-minute facts and information from FIG events.

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