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Forwarders are set to Open DNS (resolver 1 & resolver 2).

Here is what's going on: We acquired a company a few months ago and I have transferred their registered domain it to our registrar and updated the nameservers with my external DNS provider. Connect to an internal server and see what IP it returns for the domain in question.

Was trying that on a larger network with a lot of vlans without success. The goal is, everything that get's IP from the DHCP, is registered in the DNS. - Bjarni "Saibot75" wrote: Without option 015, DHCP cannot register in a Forward zone, it can only register in the reverse zone, even the the PTR will point to 'host' instead of '' DHCP uses the domain name to know where to register A records.

I host two zones:company.comcompany.local As you correctly identified I am utilizing a split-DNS configuration. if = the domain you're forwarding, this would become the authorative DNS server for your internal clients./registerdns would apply.

- As you said, it will update the zone you're hosting.

Issue resolved, but I'm curious what value was preventing it from forwarding all day yesterday...

My understanding about /registerdns is that it is for clients to update their host records in DNS (A) that you host.

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