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Designed with an intuitive drag and drop interface, Wikitude Studio is the go-to tool for users that wish to build reliable AR projects with ease.

The master tag always comes first in the XML file and defines a coordinate system for the rest of the tags.

If you want to generate your own markers with different ID numbers, border widths, or sizes, run: The first use case for this package is to identify and track the poses of (possibly) multiple AR tags that are each considered individually.

The node individual Markers takes the following command line arguments: individual Markers assumes that a kinect being used as the camera, so that depth data can be integrated for better pose estimates.

IMPORTANT: this coordinate system is different from the standard system used in ROS!

In this system, when facing the tag, positive-z comes out of the front of the tag toward the viewer, positive-x is to the right, and positive-y is up.

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