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(Getty) It’s not only Hunter and her father who have ties to famous celebrities. When Pitt famously was accused of an altercation with his children on a private jet right before Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, Daily came to the celebrity’s defense.

According to UK Daily Mail, Daily called Pitt a “very calm” and “gentle guy” who didn’t display a bad temper.

The sex tape, which hit the Internet 13 years ago, was called “One Night in Paris.”IMDB reports that Rick Salomon was born in New Jersey and is an “independent film producer” who owns an on-line gambling site.

His daughter, Hunter, was born on March 14, 1996, and is his daughter with ex wife, Elizabeth Daily, with whom he had two daughters (Hunter’s sister, Tyson, was born in 1998.) According to The New York Daily News, Conrad Hilton arrived at the home of Hunter’s mother “in the Bentley of her own father, Rick Salomon, which he stole from his address.”Conrad “Hilton was found inside of a Bentley, owned by the victim’s father Rick Salomon, outside of the home in the Hollywood Hills around a.m.,” according to Fox. G.) Daily told TMZ that “Conrad’s erratic behavior toward her and her daughter Hunter has been going on for years, and she could have called cops on him many times.”She told the entertainment site that she’s been in touch with Rick and Kathy Hilton, his parents, “and tried to cut Conrad a break — but thinks it’s clear he needs serious help.” TMZ reports that Conrad is accused of breaking into Daily’s house and that she has had to get round-the-clock security because of him.

Galore Magazine reports that Hunter is also a “singer-songwriter.” The magazine quoted Hunter as saying, “I would say I have a very soulful and sweet sound. It’s definitely pop still, but with soulful, groovy vibes.” She also said of herself, “I completely identify with Pisces.

We’re very go with the flow, easy to get along with.

Even though he sued Paris at first for letting the tape go public and tarnishing his reputation, he ended up distributing the tape himself in 2004.(Getty) Things have been scary in the Salomon-Conrad Hilton dynamic for some time.In 2016, the UK Daily Mail reported that Hunter Salomon “had been granted a temporary restraining order against him in the summer of 2015, Conrad was taken into custody for breaking into her home.”In that instance, Hunter claimed in legal documents “that the hotel heir threatened to kill himself after showing up at her home,” reports Daily Mail.Conrad Hilton (R) and his Father Richard Hilton attend court for Conrad’s sentencing after causing a disturbance aboard an international flight from London to Los Angeles last summer at Roybal Federal Building on June 16, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.Hilton was sentenced to community service and three years of probation.

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