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But Rondo is passionate about it, perhaps drawn by the appeal of probability and sequence. Per Baxter Holmes of Rondo's ability to master mathematics and complex strategy doesn't extend to the less rigid rules of interpersonal communication.Put simply, Rondo has a reputation as being aloof, standoffish and sometimes a little difficult to deal with.Authenticity There's one thing about Rondo that isn't quirky or odd or contradictory, though: He's real.

He's not only the best player in the world but one of the smartest. It didn't happen right away for me."Consistency eluded the Lakers on almost every front this season."I get so many people who are like: 'Oh, I'm so surprised. Christmas game, against the champs, and guys stepped up.It's unreal how you really are.' You're judging me off of articles and what you perceive of me on TV versus understanding who I really am and my daily routine and how I work at it."Being the father of an 11-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son has been part of his transformation."As you get older, you mature and look at life different," he says. That gave me hope as far as, 'In the fourth quarter, this is another guy I can depend on' or showing Le Bron, 'This is a guy you can trust' or 'This is a guy you'd love to be in a pick-and-roll with because of how he played it against the champs.' Because their defensive schemes are unreal compared to every other team that we play.It featured Le Bron James, but as Rondo says: "I could definitely coach in the playoffs, because it's all about adjustments.Give me a couple of days to go back and figure out, 'OK, what are you going to run? ' I'm great at that."That Rondo, Le Bron and the rest of the Lakers failed even to make the playoffs, much less face the Warriors, did nothing to convince him otherwise.

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As Bleacher Report's Jared Zwerling tweeted, he's been honored for that dedication: His routine is long-winded and it lasts all the way through tip-off. He runs down a corridor and he throws the ball to our team chaplain, who throws it back.

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