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If we don’t make the case for fiscal responsibility on the Republican side, the entire debate is just going to be ‘more vs.

more.’” Sanford said he’s already had a preview of what it might be like when he appeared on ABC’s “The View” on Thursday.

On budget-busting grounds, he’s also opposed funding legislation that Trump got behind on matters ranging from opioid addiction treatment to military weapons systems.

When he was governor, he famously (if unsuccessfully) went to court in an effort to turn back 0 million in federal economic stimulus spending earmarked for South Carolina.

Mark Sanford was hoping that, once again, he would be the exception that proves the seeming rules of modern American politics.

But he says the case for dealing with the soaring deficits, increased government spending and massive federal debt must be made.

Unlike so many lawmakers, he’s unafraid when approached by a reporter in a hallway to ponder the actual question asked — not just reflexively spout the talking points of the day.

He’s also not afraid to mix it up in the town hall meetings, often packed with activists from the other side, that so many of his colleagues have started spurning as never before.“It’s part and parcel of the theater that is the political process,” he said in an interview last year.

But like many lawmakers who have opposed Trump on policy matters, it’s generally (but not always) been because Sanford has positioned himself to the president’s right.

A member of the Freedom Caucus, he last year pushed a more limited-government replacement for the 2010 health care law than the administration wanted.

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“New Hampshire is a good place to have this conversation,” Sanford said.

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