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Johnson’s new weight reduced body has boosted up his confidence for sure and has been working out to maintain.

His Feminine sense of style now compliments him even more, that he has a toned down body.

And when one stands out his sexual orientation, estimate the toughness for yourself. The openly gay man was not free from the anticipation of opening up.

The gay man had to call a quit on the church he grew up in, As for the belief about distance damaging relationship, in Johnson’s case, it did the opposite.

He aspires to be an inspiration as a gender-flouting role model by breaking boundaries.

Only Crying, mourning and merely appearing sad is the notion of being hurt when you lose someone? He looked well put and even dared to smile while appearing with another friend in LA.

Johnson came out as gay to his family at the age of 17 and came out publicly in 2013 after a report by TMZ published pictures of him holding hands with a male friend.

He was supported by his family in his decision to come out publicly.

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Weoften hear celebrities saying ‘it is not what everyone thinks.’ Well in the fashionista's case as well his shocking weight loss was not intended for transitioning his gender.

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