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Since its inception in 2003, YEF has had a great impact on more than 2,000 qualified young entrepreneurs.They either devoted themselves as professionals to companies or NGOs; started up over 20 companies, or even focused on academic research, all making their contribution to the society. Chao took one step forward and launched Garage ( which is an incubator and focuses on early stage start-ups in Technology, Healthcare & Med Tech, Design & Life Style, and Agriculture industries. Chao has provided entrepreneurs in Taiwan and abroad with an integrated platform of diverse resources ranging from entrepreneurship courses, mentoring, human-resource matching to seed funding over the last 12 years. Chao joined Epoch, she worked in communications and public relations for over ten years, serving as a consultant for government, industry, and charitable organizations.To nurture the next generation’s global vision and ability to compete, Ms.

She is also helping the entire American citizens from taxi drivers to the high level of business entrepreneurs on how to utilize their income, finances, and investments through her television show giving the ideologies.

Understanding how important it is for women to join and grow in the tech industry, she launched Taipei Women in Technology and grew the community to 600 people in a few months.

Now, in an effort to create a global connected community for the tech women and female entrepreneurs in Taiwan, she’s happy to work with Girls in Tech to make things happen. Chao’s role as a vice president is to build connections between Epoch and the world renowned institutes, such as MIT, IMD, and UC Berkeley. Chao helps the foundation to bridge up-to-date technology and innovations between academics and industries to facilitate industrial development with the mission of promoting economic prosperity in the Asia Pacific region.

One can follow her on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

The Net worth and salary of Mac Donald is not disclosed by her.

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During the time, she has also written a story based Freedom of Information Act, which is about Kennedy Administrations secret IRS program to audit its political enemies.

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