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She was unable to understand why Khan could not understand her love for him,"channel24wrote. As a bachelor there were a lot of heartaches, and I regret that."Doubtless there will still be some - for Imran's female fans.In his interview to HT earlier this week, Imran referred obliquely to his Casanova days."Every young Pakistani wanted to be me, and yet, given the choice between someone to live happily with and the bachelor life, I would always choose married life. Because bachelor life is: all that glitters is not gold. There was also the little matter of what Imran told an Indian daily, The Hindustan Times (HT), just earlier this week.When asked if he would contemplate marrying again, he said, "Of course, it's not in my blood to give up."He added that he's "even more open" to the idea of marriage now, than ever before.

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