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Ultimately, his inability to exercise any semblance of self-control leaves even Danny wondering if his marriage is in serious trouble.

Danny's past behavior has forced Gretchen to build a self-defending, emotional "wall" around herself that prevents the two from recovering any of the deep intimacy from the early days of their marriage.

When we last saw Danny, he was storming away from a couples exercise and threatening to leave rehab.

Danny proves worthy of this challenge, pulling himself out of a world of flowing booze and all-too-receptive women, to drive home to his wife in the middle of the night.

In the first weeks of treatment, the rehab team attempts to get Danny to a healthier place—physically and mentally. Eventually, Danny begins to warm up to some of their more `new age' methods, and attempts to behave.

Breathing exercises, yoga, spiritual-counseling—anything to get him to slow his mind down. But when the facility decides it's time to bring Gretchen in for a couples exercise, Danny becomes enraged with Gretchen's lack of trust in him, and threatens to quit rehab.

At this fragile point in their relationship, Danny Bonaduce, ex-"child star", is booked to perform stand-up comedy at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

This raises dangerous stakes: Can a recovering alcoholic/drug abuser who has just cheated on his wife, be trusted to behave properly while 'unsupervised' in "Sin City"?

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