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The reports of scientists and students shared through the #Me Too STEM movement portray a heartbreaking story of opportunities lost, pain suffered, and a systemic failure to protect and defend. D., Principal Deputy Director and Chair, NIH Anti-Harassment Committee Carrie D. D., Acting Chief of Staff, Associate Director for Science Policy, and Co-Chair ACD WG on Changing the Culture to End Sexual Harassment Michael S. D., Deputy Director for Extramural Research Michael M. D., Deputy Director for Intramural Research Hannah A. D., Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity Alfred C.

To all those who have endured these experiences, we are sorry that it has taken so long to acknowledge and address the climate and culture that has caused such harm.

Thanks for your patience and continued interest in Jessica Graham is a spiritual teacher, actor, and filmmaker. She is a contributing editor of the meditation blog Deconstructing Yourself, in which her popular series "Mindful Sex" appears.

She co-founded Los Angeles' The Eastside Mindfulness Collective, dedicated to exploring secular spirituality through mindful living and learning.

I'd say there is less of "careful, I'm about to fall of the bed", more room to 'roam'.All readings and events will be postponed until then.If you pre-ordered a book you will be refunded and will need to reorder.We have heard similar, harrowing accounts from scientists in the NIH intramural program during meetings of the NIH Anti-Harassment Committee. These conversations have made it abundantly clear that NIH needs to do better in tackling the underlying culture that enables sexual harassment to take place, admit our contributions to perpetuating this culture, and elevate the seriousness with which the agency takes this issue through our actions.

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