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Families, teachers and students spent days preparing for the event, cooking sweets, practicing dances, and decorating the lab for the special visit.The Grannies were blown away by the amount of love and warmth they received from the children and their families.For many of these children, SOLEs and the Granny Cloud are an integral part of their education and something they constantly look forward to.The Granny Cloud has grown to over 100 active Grannies conducting sessions from Mexico to Greenland to India.Sharukh’s parents sadly passed away when he was younger, but in Liz he has found a mentor who even plans to attend his graduation from medical school in two years.

Gouri believes SOLEs played a big part in giving her the confidence she has today to participate in conversations with people from all walks of life.

They’re enthralled and giddy when a face finally appears on the screen from halfway across the world yelling “hello! Skype, the closest thing to magic for these little ones, isn’t just used for a regular video call; it lets them chat with School in the Cloud’s Granny Cloud, a group of more than 100 e-mediators from around the world.

School in the Cloud is an education initiative that focuses on self-organized learning environments (SOLEs) and was established in 2013 after Dr. With a computer, Internet connection, and children ready to learn, a SOLE session can be conducted anywhere.

If you are just looking to chat and have some female company you are welcome in these chat rooms as well.

With a lot of life experience, they are the ones to pick if you want to have a regular chat.

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