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The professionalism, functionality and efficiency that “Evolución Sport Taekwondo” provides to coaches and students maximizes the quality of services being offered to students, thereby differentiating it from all its competitors.

This would not only justify incrementing class costs, but will also entice students to want to train with you due to the unique nature of your services.

By buying this software, you would become one of the first professors to generate specific Taekwondo plans that will guide you in an organized fashion through the entire teaching process like a true Taekwondo professional.

Show the public that you are dedicated and commited by making daily class plans and other similarly useful information available to them.

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Upon creating a program, you will undoubtedly be able to select and cautiously organize all content, methods, media, procedures and controls, in relation to the needs and capabilities of your students.

This will contribute to easier assimilation and better planning, and will therefore maximize your results.

Tactical training plan report: Can be interpreted as general information about the tactical sessions: Provides the session dates, session name and the trainer’s name.

Detailed reports about the tactical sessions: Provides the tactical session name or the tactical objective, a description to best understand the session, images of techniques that can be worked on in practice through repetitions and additional training time, series information, any breaks in the attacks, when the session ended, intensity level, how it got done (collaboration, opposition, combativeness pace, real combat), what materials were used (weapons, kicking devices, ropes, masks, none implemented), what part of the plan was worked on, and even provides space to make any methodological notes.

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