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After the captured photo is automatically cropped in the Image Processing window it is automatically transferred to ID card management software supporting TWAIN (e.g.

Incardex from Akond, ID Works and IDCentre from Datacard Group (USA), Asure ID from HID Global (USA), ID Flow from Jolly Technologies (USA), EPI Suite from Image Ware Systems (USA)) and inserted into the photo field.

Click on the Profile button to get a list of all profiles available, and select the profile required.

You will need just two mouse clicks to apply the necessary profile.

The Profiles created are saved in the separate files and can be copied or backed up.

You can direct them and tell them what wanna see and create exactly what kind of webcam porn you are looking for.

The yellow frame / green frame areas ratio is set in in Photo ID Webcam options.

The face area is automatically outlined by the yellow frame.

The yellow frame / green frame ratio and position are adjusted by Zoom, Vertical Position, and Horizontal Position controls.

The last profile used is remembered and loaded automatically when the software is started next time.

If you are not planning to use profiles you can remove the Profile button from the Control Panel.

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