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The post will also give details on the various Norwegian visas that are available and how to apply for them as a citizen of various countries.

This was originally written in 2013 and has been updated regularly since (latest update is April 2019). a fantastic Scandinavian country that is as desirable as it is frigid.

This post discusses how to move to Norway, applying for a Norwegian visa or permit, what it is like to live in Norway, and thirty things to know before you make that move.

I constantly hear from Norwegians, even when irrelevant to a conversation, “We are so lucky to get paid so well here…that is why everything is more expensive.” This is not always true.

Granted, a housekeeper or retail shop worker gets paid drastically more than in the United States.

I will mention that I have seen drastic improvements regarding food quality since I have moved here.

Perhaps the TV2 programs about the poor quality have helped? And if Norwegian people do complain, it is very rare.

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I, personally, never made the same amount of money in Norway as I would have in the US. On the other hand, medicine is socialized and many other amenities are taken care of, so it all evened out in the end.

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