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There seems to be a document in MSDN that shows how to (and I think is where I'll need to painfully go or see what happens if I use multiple forms), dated....early 2004...maybe if not part of the release...a downloadable update? If I'm not, well, then after reading the MSDN doc I mention, circa 2004, even then it was already realized that it just isn't a "solution" at all. url=/library/en-us/dnforms/html/winforms03162004I guess what I expected was sort of an ASP.Net validation approach where you can set which control you want to validate and when to validate.

I'm only at simple textbox validation right now and as the application moves to the next phase, I'll be dealing with grids, tempated controls, etc.

The example is based on a Windows Forms control developed by me which is based on the Text Box control and handles validation in a standardized way in order to detect input errors and display them to users.

Validation in Windows Forms Validations concerns about checking data entry and making sure it is valid based on the criteria of the application requirements.

If you set the Enable Allow Focus Change value and Cancel is set to true, focus is allowed to change to other control.

And finally, Inherit value means that the control's behavior is determined by the Auto Validate setting of his parent.

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