Validating forms in perl

unfortunately, since the redesign, the forms no longer work.

i have tried to be as detailed as possible, i am quite sure that all the links are in order. Hi primalxx, Please let us know, what is not working, why it is not working, and what kind of error...

i have recently been given the task of redisigning an existing website.

the old site included a few forms which i have incorporated into the new site layout.

Then, just attach that diff to a bug report (see below).

Please use github issues for any Form Builder bugs or features.

Thanks in advance, Sean Try something like this if isdate(textbox1.text) then Mario Lopes Use the Compare Validator with Operator=Data Type Check and Type=Date.

Regards, Dan validate valid date i have been pounding my head on the wall...... here is what i'm using for regex its working great but its failing when i enter "09/09/009" here is the code: forms and form validation am new to asp.

--- Peter Blum Creator of Peter's Data Entry Suite (formerly Professional Validation And More and Peter&...

Date Validation Control on Web Form I have a page in which there are form fields to search by and upon search button click, a datagrid with results is displayed below.

I would like the user to know where they went wrong in the form.

Could some one explain to me what my best way of tackaling this would be?

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  1. This becomes even more important given that not all applications support the Microsoft 'restart' function that would retrieve the application state from before the automatic restart process.