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If your application in MS Access or Excel needs to deal with email addresses, you may need a way to validate them.These email addresses can be input either by users of these applications or by import from other sources.

2) It is not possible to provide the address of the first row after we apply the filter since the first row address may change depending on the values in the table. 1st time when I am running the macro the first row in the visible filtered data is starting at Cell address A4 and next time when I will run the macro it may be A6 3) The Code is also selecting the 1st row which is a header row. 4/5 6/4 3/1 2/5 4/5 etc, etc....column is very long!!

The points are as follows: Correct draw (Prediction = result): 4 Correct win (Prediction = result): 3 Correct win, incorrect score (Winner correct, score not): 1 Correct draw, incorrect sco 1 The formula I found online for all but the correct draw is: =IF(A3&B3=C3&D3),3, IF(AND(A3=B3, C3=D3),1, IF(AND(A3 Could someone help me work out how I can write a formula to add before the above that will check the contents of four cells (the home score, away score, home prediction, away prediction), and if the number in all 4 cells are the same, allocate 4 points?

I've tried using averages, but some combinations would void this.

Every time I click on the text of an email address, it automatically opens Outlook with a new message composed to that address. I don't even use Outlook for my email and this is really frustrating. When I try to make changes to the email address, like change the font color or change on letter, Excel tries to email the address. Hi I am a new user and trying to setup a database in excel.

I've tried changing the format of the column to no avail. If I click in the formula bar to make the changes, it automatically changes it back to all blue text and underlined. I can select all addresses and copy but when trying to paste into excel it does so in 1 cell.

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I would like cell D1 to have a text format value of "" (result is dependant upon what is entered in A1).

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