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When inside of a databound control, the will, by default, change the id to something like Ctl00_something_Check Box List1.

Then it checks if there is at lease one checkbox checked, if so then set args.

It is using j Query to do get the control and finding if anything is checked.

$(source).parent() will get parent DOM element of the Custom Validator control that fired the Validate CBL function.

Drag and drop the Create User Wizard Control to your Design mode. Click on the arrow on the top right corner and pick 'Customize Create User Step' 3. I'll give this a shot and get back to you - it might be a few days. what else would be required to make a registration page?

I'm new to and c#/vb, so step by step is what I need.

Is Valid=true for that Custom Validator else it will set it to false.

The above code isn’t specific to CBL inside of a Data List only.

Checked) else how do I keep the page from advancing to the next Postbackurl when the button is clicked? This if statement will check if there is anything in this object.You could use this to build something more complex for your application in the future. First prise would've been if you could attach a requiredfieldvalidator to it, but ok, you can't So then, I decided on the following: After my Checkboxlist was databound, I would recursively search through all the child controls, to add a clientside click events to all the checkboxes.Null Reference Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Shouldn't this bool is Exist = check Dul Email(Email Text Box. I think I'm missing something in the Form VIew to make it not proceed with the Insert if a duplicate record is found. I figured it out after you helped me figure out what I was trying to search for...Text); be bool is Exist = check Dul Email(Varietal Type Text Box.

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