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If you’re concerned about how to approach the big day, the best thing is to talk about it beforehand – you can get rid of any awkwardness and find out what the other person’s expectations are.

You could open the conversation casually with: ‘So, it’s Valentine’s Day next week.

I once threw an indignant wobbly after I sent a thoughtful Valentine’s gift to a slightly older chap I’d been dating for a few weeks, and got nothing in return. ’) and tried to make it up to me, but I was quite offended! If someone’s not into hearts and flowers on 14th February, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not into you, or that they won’t make a good or romantic long-term partner.

But don’t stew about it silently – gently tell them that romantic gestures mean a lot to you, and hopefully they’ll take it on board next time.

A candle-lit dinner for two may be too much at this stage, but coffee and cake in a nice café, a riverside walk, cooking a meal together (if you’re confident you’re safe to be alone at this stage), or a trip to a gallery, exhibition or concert can all be lovely, unpressured activities to enjoy together.

It’s hard to know how to pitch a Valentine’s gift when you’ve only just started dating someone.

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Hopeful Girl is the singles/dating columnist for Woman Alive magazine.

Some people see Valentine’s Day as a silly, commercial event for teenagers, and might be surprised to learn you’re upset that they haven’t acknowledged it.

Should you ignore the day altogether, or will the person you’re dating be disappointed?

Hopeful Girl offers her top three tips for new (or not-quite) couples navigating 14th February…

A dozen red roses or a piece of jewellery is likely to be overkill, unless you’re both certain you’re serious about the relationship.

The best approach is a simple, token gift – something sweet and thoughtful, but not expensive or lavish.

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