Updating the records in to the cursor

Once obtained, can i force oracle to use a particular sql id which was performing better ? Hi, I would like to fing whats the best way to allow user to truncate table that is own by some one else thru forms on-line basis.I know that one way this can be achived is by granting drop any table system previledge.

The FOR UPDATE OF clause helps us in locking up the intended table rather all available tables.

This is a complete book on PL/SQL with everything you need to know to write efficient and complex PL/SQL code.

When processing a CURSOR, DB2 SQL give option to update or delete data in base table based on current position of CURSOR in result table.


Let say there is a table EXAMPLETABLE like This will word fine if EXAMPLETABLE table has unique records for id and name and you have to fetch all the columns of the row which make that row unique to use in WHERE clause of UPDATE statement.

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