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If the FFU file contains an OS version which is not supported by Windows Phone Internals Secure Boot Unlock version 2, the this will also automatically download an additional FFU file to extract the necessary files from it.

related to Samsung branded memory which is used in some Lumia phones.

Qualcomm refactored a significant part of their bootloader-code for these new chipsets.

And at the same time Nokia also made significant changes to their parts of the bootloader.

It is possible that some models have modified bootloaders which may not be compatible.

When a phone turns out to be incompatible when trying to unlock it, it will end up in Flash mode, and it will not be able to boot the OS anymore.

Engineering phones can be switched to Mass Storage Mode.Basically you just connect the phone, go to the button.This will download the FFU file and also the emergency programmer files.My old exploits have been proven to work on all Lumia's with Bootloader Spec A.My new exploits should be working on all Lumia's with Bootloader Spec B. So I cannot be sure yet that the new exploits work on all models.

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For reference I will call the bootloaders of these phones: .

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