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It is not necessary to download all available patches.Some may effect utilities you don't use or may be for hardware you don't have.dracut: *** Including module: xen-tools-dom U *** dracut: *** Including module: kernel-modules *** dracut: *** Including module: rootfs-block *** dracut: *** Including module: suse-xfs *** dracut: *** Including module: terminfo *** dracut: *** Including module: udev-rules *** dracut: Skipping udev rule: 40-redhat.rules dracut: Skipping udev rule: 50-firmware.rules dracut: Skipping udev rule: 50-udev.rules dracut: Skipping udev rule: 91-permissions.rules dracut: Skipping udev rule: 80-drivers-modprobe.rules dracut: *** Including module: dracut-systemd *** dracut: *** Including module: haveged *** dracut: *** Including module: usrmount *** dracut: *** Including module: base *** dracut: *** Including module: fs-lib *** dracut: *** Including module: shutdown *** dracut: *** Including module: suse *** dracut: *** Including modules done *** dracut: *** Installing kernel module dependencies and firmware *** dracut: *** Installing kernel module dependencies and firmware done *** dracut: *** Resolving executable dependencies *** dracut: *** Resolving executable dependencies done*** dracut: *** Hardlinking files *** dracut: *** Hardlinking files done *** dracut: *** Stripping files *** dracut: *** Stripping files done *** dracut: *** Generating early-microcode cpio image *** dracut: *** Store current command line parameters *** dracut: Stored kernel commandline: dracut: root=UUID=26fa33a2-ad40-4a85-a495-402aca6a2127 rootfstype=ext4 rootflag s=rw,relatime,data=ordered dracut: *** Creating image file '/boot/initrd-4.4.120-94.17-default' *** dracut: *** Creating initramfs image file '/boot/initrd-4.4.120-94.17-default' d one *** (2/5) Installing: kernel-firmware-20170530-21.19.1.noarch ................[done] (3/5) Installing: wireless-regdb-20-4.3.1.noarch .................[done] (4/5) Installing: crash-kmp-default-7.1.8_k4.4.92_6.30-4.6.2.x86_64 ......[done] (5/5) Installing: crda-1.1.3-4.2.1.x86_64 ................................[done] Output of kernel-firmware-20170530-21.19.1.%posttrans script: Creating initrd: /boot/initrd-4.4.114-94.11-default dracut: Executing: /usr/bin/dracut --logfile /var/log/Ya ST2/--f orce /boot/initrd-4.4.114-94.11-default 4.4.114-94.11-default dracut: dracut module 'btrfs' will not be installed, because command 'btrfs' could not be found!dracut: dracut module 'dmraid' will not be installed, because command 'dmrai d' could not be found!

dracut: dracut module 'mdraid' will not be installed, because command 'mdadm ' could not be found! [email protected] # zypper ps -s The following running processes use deleted files: PID | PPID | UID | User | Command | Service ---- ------ ----- ------ --------------- -------------- 486 | 1 | 0 | root | systemd-udevd | systemd-udevd You may wish to restart these processes.

Some packages may require you to agree to licensing terms or may have additional instructions on how to proceed with the update (these are the patches that may be skipped by a fully automatic update).

You will see a checkbox near the bottom that says "Remove Source Packages after Update"; check that box if you do not want to keep the source packages.

To do automatic unattended updates, install yast2-online-update-configuration. If you had a network connection during installation you would have been offered to add the update repository at that time.

Then open Ya ST, select Software - In order to get official updates via YOU, the update server must be added. If you haven't done so you can do it later by starting Ya ST and selecting Online Update Configuration from the Software tab in Ya ST Control Center.

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