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However, since most allowed four ROM chips to be mounted, and these chips were available separately, real differences might be simply cosmetic.The available ROM chips included the Composer, a work-horse set of sounds useful for popular music production, three orchestral ROMs, the Vintage Keys collection of electric organs, pianos and classic synthesisers, a chip dedicated to the Hammond organ and a drum ROM as well as the Orbit and Mo-Phatt collections, aimed at dance and urban genres and the Xtreme Lead, optimised for monophonic synthesiser soloing.That’s all for today, will meet you guys in next tutorial. I also work as a freelancer and did many projects related to programming and electrical circuitry.E-mu Systems came to prominence in the early 1980s with their relatively affordable Emulator sampler, and subsequently pioneered sample-based synthesis technology with the Proteus range.Open a private ticket and we will give you a quote to do this for you.Or you can setup automatic updates with these instructions.

Its gonna be a quick tutorial because there’s not much in it to say.

You know Proteus is a Paid software and you must pay the company because they have put really great effort in designing this software.

So, if you can afford then you must buy the latest version of Proteus software from their Official Website.

The original Proteus trilogy contains 192 patches each (Proteus 1, Proteus 2 and Proteus 3).

However, they could be also upgraded by obtaining XR versions, having extra read-only memory (ROM) for more sound patches, that would have 384 each.

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In 2001-2002, E-mu/Ensoniq released a trio of entry-level keyboards, essentially the keyboard versions of the Proteus 2500 module.

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