Updating mercedes navigation systems

As time goes on, new roads are built, and new developments pop up, your sat nav will inevitably become out of date.Updating your sat nav will ensure all maps are current, shaving time off your journeys and ensuring you don't get lost! You will then be able to upload the maps update into your vehicle once it has arrived.If you have any other questions about downloading or uploading a map update for your vehicle, we can help you out here at Loeber Motors.For some reason they don't include rest stops, exits etc that have been around since early 2000. Back when I had a BMW it wasn't hard to download the map data, burn a DVD and upgrade it myself, is that possible?The dealer said that by the time you include parts and labor it would cost around 0. Thanks for your advice, Ed Apparently after 2012 they started using HERE maps that get copied to the hard drive in your car.Then you need to figure out the communication protocol to transmit and extract the data to the HD.I'm willing to guess the process is encrypted somehow, and lastly, it's illegal, so good luck. My guess is that the map format has not changed from either the default HERE format or the default COMMAND format.

I stopped by the dealer yesterday to find out if I could get my maps updated.The service staff informed me that there will be a newer version coming out this November and I should wait and it would also be a no charge update. Anyway, I hope someone chimes in with a way to update for free as I think this should be a free service for everyone.I can understand a dealer needs to make money but it's not even a price that is acceptable.If you need additional assistance, please send us your feedback by replying to this email. Does anyone else have a technical background beside me?I am all for figuring this out as part of the forum...

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