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Under Cornell University's Microsoft Campus Agreement, a technology called Key Management Service (KMS) automatically activates products and keeps track of their activation status.

This helps Cornell ensure compliance with the Campus Agreement, so that the university can continue to provide Microsoft software to campus at no fee.

If the software goes 180 days without activating, it enters a 30-day grace period, and displays a warning message.

For a full account of how often KMS attempts to reach the server, please see Timetable for KMS Activation and Reactivation.

From Networks That Allow KMS Autodiscovery: On most networks on campus, including the eduroam wireless network, your software should activate automatically. From Networks That Don't Allow KMS Autodiscovery: Some networks that are run by local IT departments have not been configured for KMS autodiscovery.

If your machine does not activate automatically via KMS, please see your local IT provider.

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