Updating iphone firmware 2 2

Step 3: This step is a little tricky so carefully press “Shift” (for Windows) or “Option” (for Mac) and hit “Restore i Pad/i Phone” tab.

Step 2: Now turn on the router and connect to Wi-Fi on your i Pad/i Phone.

Software update failed error issues are known to be resolved by merely restarting your device and trying again. Well, here is what you should do: Step 1: The moment you see the i OS software update (like i OS 12) failed error message on the screen, hit “Close”.

This method also helps when the fault is due to Apple not being able to process too many update requests at a given point of time. Step 2: Now turn off your device by the usual method which is by pressing the power button for 3-5 seconds and then sliding the bar rightwards on the top of the screen to turn it off.

The i Pad/i Phone software update error is no more a rare phenomenon and has affected many i OS users across the globe.

It is in fact, amongst the most frequently occurring problems.

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