Updating iphone 4 baseband tiny umbrella

Obviously if you rely on a jailbreak/unlock, you should hold on to it.

If you don’t care about unlocking options at the time but you think you might in the near future, then updating to i OS 4.1 while preserving your baseband is your best bet…

If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us . and when i searched for it in google, people said that every time apple released a new firmware they disable signing old firmware.Learn what makes Pryor Media’s Word Press Hosting different from the rest, and use coupon code “HOTTIPS” to save 20% off of your hosting subscriptions!i OS 4.1 came out a couple days ago, and with it came a new baseband update, going from version to .Many i Phone owners have probably heard the the term “baseband” or perhaps read or heard about baseband upgrades.The purpose of these i Phone baseband upgrades is to improve the functionality of the cellular modem that is on the device, and the low level firmware (software) that is contained within the baseband.

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