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Removing paneling requires some work, but this is the basic process: An efficient way to counter the effect of a low ceiling is to add skylights.You can choose from a variety of different designs, including flat window-style skylights, tubes that extend through the attic insulation, and domed lights.This is especially important if you'll be enlarging your windows or adding windows where there currently aren't any.The sections of your wall where you want to add light may be important structural supports, so always consult a professional before cutting into them.This may mean hiring someone to bring in trees with a tree spade. Ranch houses can seem narrow and cramped from the outside, but adding a porch can help.To do this, extend your roof out from the peak, and use pillars to support the extension.Combined with the low ceilings typical of this style, the dark walls can result in a cave-like atmosphere.This inexpensive renovation can add instant airiness to your home.

Dark wall coverings are a common problem with ranch homes.Unless it’s built atop a hill, your ranch home might seem a little “low.” The long, low design of the Mid-Century ranch makes its exterior look squashed and the interior resemble a manufactured double-wide trailer.An updated ranch home fits in better alongside taller neighboring homes, and attracts more buyers, if you list it for sale.As they grow, the bushes will also provide some vertical interest.You can also add height by bringing tall trees to your yard.

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Compared to other architectural styles, many ranch houses have fewer and smaller windows.

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