Tyler perry dating a speicla woman

Throughout my 10-years of Relationship Coaching, there is one theme that is commonly repeated by single women whom I've served. We were dating, and everything was fine, until suddenly, he got cold feet and became distant. And, the moment a woman feels that she is in a relationship with a guy, she may begin to change--which is what most men fear to begin with.

" Well, although, there is not a one size fits all answer to why men do what they do, I can guarantee you that, there is one thing that most men run from and it is "PRESSURE".

I've known men to come home and tell their wife about the woman who keeps flirting with him at the water fountain at work.

Their burdens are so heavy that, the only man that could carry their cross is Jesus. How can you tell when a man is truly looking at a possible future with you? But, there's that ONE woman who he will change for. If you go out of your way to please a man, and show him that you will jump through hoops to get him, he'll see just how high you're willing to jump, and move on to the woman who has her feet on the ground, and a leveled-head.

Men are possessive about the women that they love, and he will introduce you to his family and friends as, "MY woman", or "MY Lady", and so on. Also, click to join me on FB and also Twitter @denycegartrell.

When he does this, he is letting others know that you belong to him.

I don't care if you're just reading a good book and you see his number on the caller ID, DO NOT PICK UP THE PHONE like you've been idly sitting by waiting on him to call.

When a woman has a life, this means that, you are not looking for a man to be your life.

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