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Libra borns are friendly and accommodating in nature.They want to surround themselves with great friends of high social stature and then take good care of them.On the health front, this can result in reproductive problems.Nervous disorders can also be diagnosed for persons having this combination in their horoscope. Jupiter in Libra makes a person balanced and judicious.The person is good people person and helps others in need.

The person will also be prone to diseases of reproductive organs.

Libra borns are charming and attractive and enjoy a keen dressing sense. They will strive to have sophistication in the world surrounding them.

They also have a keen sense of art – painting, music, dance & drama, even though they may not be artists themselves.

It represents the lower abdomens and lower spine area of the kaal purusha.

It represents all three temperaments together – i.e. Libra is the sign governed by Venus, which is a planet representing class and refinement.

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The also benefit through such friends by cranking up their charm and persuading them for favours. Hence this influence, along with the charm of Venus can make a Libra born politically aligned.

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