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Think of this as the invisible infrastructure – the rules of the game which organize society.

In the Middle East, this invisible infrastructure is based on an education system which prepares youth for public sector employment, thereby reinforcing three problematic ideas.

Let me illustrate this concept with some examples and facts from the ground.

Parents in the region invest billions of dollars in private tutoring to increasingly prep their children for standardized tests, so children end up learning a narrow set of skills.

Furthermore, while credit allows youth in other parts of the world to smooth their future consumption, in many Middle Eastern countries, poorly functioning credit markets fail in their basic purpose.

As a result of not being able to afford a dowry, or a house, young Middle Eastern men are involuntarily delaying marriage, which in the region, is a rite to passage for adulthood, independence and legitimate sexual relationships.

But with globalization and privatization, this invisible infrastructure is no longer functioning as it should.Today, the average age of marriage is on the rise in most Middle Eastern countries, imposing economic and social costs which have yet to be fully understood.All this compounds the dependency of youth on their parents.But all is not lost – because here you have a region where parents are willing to do anything for their children; most youth are in school and spend years working for their future; and policy makers are increasingly more concerned about these issues. First, the youth challenges that the region is facing are driven by economic and social incentives, which in turn shape the decisions taken by millions of families and youth.Now I will touch upon the implications these challenges pose for policymaking with a particular focus on the U. Youth transitions constitute outcomes across several interconnected markets, most importantly in education, labor, credit, and marriage.

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