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Peasant becomes too shocked to blurt out anything incriminating, the ladies of Ba Sing Se think he's in a relationship (with a guy - ), and yeah, ok, maybe Zuko also thought it'd be funny to stretch his acting muscle in that way but whatever that wasn't important. (Fortunately, Uncle had hired other tea servers in anticipation of the crowds, so Zuko felt no guilt in leaving.) They stood on the roof of a boutique a few buildings down - the peasant already knew where they worked, he didn't need to know where Zuko and his uncle lived - and the hidden prince had more important things he wanted to discuss. I also needed Councilwoman Fa to stop trying to grab my ass."The peasant stood for a moment, his mouth hanging open as he thought. reasons, where he found the sky bison, which he released... ""You seemed convincing in the tea shop.""There's a difference between acting and lying." Sokka looked unimpressed. The man just felt like being annoying, and Zuko was in no mood."Fine. And I'm going shopping tomorrow to help Sokka pick out a good practice sword.""... ""He's insane.""Ah." -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- Sokka -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- He didn't ask about Aang. Zuko had never been close to them, (childhood crushes notwithstanding), but when he'd been sent away, the two girls had been quite formidable opponents. Zuko had been spending too much time around Toph, but he would deal with that later."Look! Zuko had thought his cage was meant to be rather gilded, but how gilded could it be without any play scripts? Where did he even Zuko never used to swear so much. He and Uncle fought in perfect sync; Sokka and Toph fought in near-perfect sync. Even without her contributing and with Toph's clearly far superior earthbending, the Dai Li badly outnumbered them, especially with the dead weight that was Kuei hiding in the corner."This way!What was important was that the Avatar's friend shut up. "That's fair.""I'm glad you agree," Zuko said sarcastically. If you must deprive me of my fun." The old man smiled indulgently. Not once during their shopping trip did Zuko ask about Aang. When Zuko wasn't being a complete ass, he was actually pretty fun to hang around with. According to Sokka, Mai had only gotten better at her knife throwing and Ty Lee had learned chi blocking. -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- The Earth King was an idiot."You're telling me you're screwed. " Uncle knocked a hole in the Dai Li's ranks, hefted Kuei over his shoulder, and ran down the unblocked hallway."Move it! But believe me when I tell you that there is good inside him." "Sokka" Saki pleds, before looking at the boy. " I growl "Why would Azula work with the lights of him? "Please, Sokka and I are pretty much siblings, so nothing to worry about, hes all yours" Saki giggled. He places his hands on Sokka's shoulders and says "I know how you must feel about my nephew. "Well, that certainly sounds like the Sokka I know" she threw her head back and laughed. " I bluntly asked, I wanted to know and I hoped that she wouldn't lie, Toph didn't teach me that yet. I felt myself shrink, embarrassment flowed through me. No, I don't like him that way" I flared, my cheeks growing warm like fire(nuts). "Yeah yeah, thats what they all say" Saki grinned before skipping ahead. A/N: Those of you who have read my other ATLA fanfics know that Maiko -- Mai/Zuko, my precious emo warriors -- is my OTP. ""Just tell her it's the Boomerang Guy," Sokka said, quietly backing away. Sokka seemed aggravated with something and no amount of subtle prodding could get him to talk. She would probably find him - because that was her thing, if her presence there was to teach him anything - but if he could get far enough away from civilization, he could use his firebending and gain a fighting chance."Sokka. "She's taking it better than I expected.""Yeah, great, whatever." Zuko rolled his eyes. She stretched out leisurely, propping her hands behind her head. " Toph shouted back, throwing a man easily three times her weight clear across the room.What you might not know is that Zukka -- Sokka/Zuko, my beautiful dork sons -- is the crack ship that lives in my shame basement. My writing for this story was meant to be humor-bordering-on-crack but then a plot snuck its way in and that plan went to hell so now the beginning is mostly humor that slowly shifts toward humor/drama. Zuko assumed it had something to do with the war and decided to let it go. "Just get me out of here or I'm dumping you.""Yes, dear." -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- Sokka -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- Toph would not stop laughing. Zuko knew she was using earthbending, but it was still damn impressive."That's fair." Zuko jumped and kneed a man in the face. " Sokka got up to get the board, only for Zuko to grab his arm as he tried to escape the awkward situation."I hate pai sho, now sit down." Zuko tugged him back onto the couch."You hate everything.""I don't hate you.""..." Sokka could tell that Zuko hadn't so much thought as hoped, but hope was for girls and Aang. " Sokka greeted just as happily, giving the man an overly exuberant hug. I'm sorry I couldn't greet you properly yesterday." Sokka pulled away and smirked. had a lot of catching up to do."Iroh nodded sagely. I will bring you both a pot of youthberry and some wildberry tarts." He gently nudged the Fire Prince toward the table Sokka had chosen. I have to go.""Of course." Iroh nodded in acknowledgment. " he continued loudly, startling Zuko awake and then walking away innocently. We can get some more sparring in during my lunch break.""Thanks." Sokka kissed Zuko on the cheek, (because he could - there really should be a certain amount of familiarity when one's had sex with someone), and started to dress."For future reference, if you have to go somewhere and I'm asleep, I'd appreciate a note or something," Zuko said as he also began to pull on his clothes. Oh, hey, remember that ponytailed jerk who burned your village down? He could write poetry without trying, but if he wasn't trying. All they needed to do was wait for the rest of the GAang - good one, right? He knew his sister better than Sokka ever would, and even Sokka knew Azula wasn't going to let Zuko win.If you want something, you have to for his silence! "I understand completely.""Stop it," Zuko said, wrapping his arm around Sokka's waist. Zuko leaned down and brushed his lips near Sokka's ear. The green of the walls sounded like rustling leaves. The purple on Iroh's robes the next morning sounded like laughter and as impressed as Sokka was that Zuko got him hearing colors in the first place, he was even more impressed that it lasted so long. " Sokka made to jump out of bed before remembering his situation. I'm kind of in a fake relationship with him because he claims he's changed and this is the best way to keep an eye on him right now. He crossed his fingers before going through a doorway because of a superstition his cousin taught him. Katara couldn't complain about one - to come back and for the messenger hawks to distribute the coded messages. On the other hand, he and Zuko were trapped in some crystal cave thing with no idea if Toph and Uncle were in any position to help and no chance of escape themselves without working together.

Having another teenage boy around, let alone another socially awkward teenage boy with an interest in strategy, weaponry, and well-spiced meats, was... " Sokka wasn't sure if Zuko sounded cautious or tired. I see you have brought your dear Sokka," General Iroh - Mushi, as Zuko had told him - happily greeted them as they entered the tea shop. And on that note, have a good day at work, sweetheart." Sokka kissed Zuko's cheek once more before leaving. -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- He didn't mean to put off talking to Suki. He was so excited when he first heard the Kyoshi Warriors had arrived - he wasn't even sure if he would've been able to wait for the first war meeting to end to talk to her - but by the time he and the generals had come to a good stopping point, Sokka had worked himself up into a panic. But he tea, but pretended to tolerate it because of his uncle. He'd never been such a coward before and he hated it.

Two - dark hair in a tight bun, well-toned arms, kept brushing her hand across Zuko's elbow when he passed by her table. "Totally not changing the subject or anything, but remind me again why you won't just eat at the palace.""I have a problem with authority, ! " he said, grabbing her shoulder for the brief second she allowed it to be there."Check what? ""You can do what you want with anyone who tries to skip out on their bill.""Tell Uncle I say hey! -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- Azula may be great at striking terror into the hearts of men, but Zuko was an expert at coming and going undetected. Disguising herself as a Kyoshi Warrior; how apropos. She was built as a monster, and what parts weren't inherent, she'd cultivated herself.

Three - elaborate hair style, elaborate clothes, elaborate make up, elaborate noises of appreciation every time Zuko leaned over the counter to shout orders. I only , is this the part where we start fighting or the part where you try to convince me you've had a miraculous change of heart so I shouldn't sell you out to the Earth King? " -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- "I never knew your relationship with the Water Tribe boy! Good looking, too." He nudged the prince suggestively.". ""There's this really weird girl in a Kyoshi Warrior uniform at the palace," Sokka told her."And? "Let's go." -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- Zuko -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- "," he repeated when Sokka just stared at him blankly."Lychee tea and make it snappy! " Toph made herself a stone seat and settled down behind the register. ""Come on." Zuko lead Sokka through the kitchen and into the storage room, not acknowledging his uncle's playful order to avoid contaminating the ingredients. ""I think your sister is in Ba Sing Se.""..."Zuko couldn't breathe. He hadn't been so happy since his mother had been around. " Zuko tried to rise, only for Uncle to push him back again."Do not try to get up so quickly," he instructed."Yeah," Sokka said from wherever it was he had been hiding. Even his esteemed sister could never spot him when he didn't want to be spotted. All that make-up was surely the only way to hide her enormous presence. "They may be Earth Kingdom, but they have a killer instinct that Fire Nation.""Let's skip the family reunion and get straight to the butt kicking," Toph said, smacking a fist into an open palm."Seconded! He unsheathed the sword Zuko had insisted he bring and held it ready."Agreed!

But things change once the Avatar and his friends arrive in the city, showing Mika the truth and state of the world. After talking to the King and hearing she was with ' Suki' Aang flew us back to the house.

Mika Lee grew up surrounded by the lies of her family and her Kingdom. Toph closes her eyes as she feels the earth around her "There's no one else here." she sighs. " Aang shouts as he comes barreling back into the room. Suddenly I feel heavy footsteps come up to the house, it must be from learning to bend the unbendable.

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