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Season 1 | Episode 4 Videos include evil babies, Heidi and Spencer, water slides, and the national anthem.Paige Reynolds, also known as Scarlett, is given a shot at web redemption.

Season 3 | Episode 1 Web Redemption for Antoine Dodson, from the Bed Intruder song that famously said "Hide yo kids, hide yo wives and hide yo husbands because they be raping everybody out here." Tosh responds to suggestions to change his green screen set including making it look like the set of the The Soup since both shows are done almost entirely in front of a green screen and a suggestion that he include a Nazi flag because he was born in Germany.Daniel seeks to get to the bottom of the kid's meltdown in his first Web Investigation and discusses what celebrities he could beat in a fight.Season 2 | Episode 24 Web Redemption for the Reporter Who Can't Break Glass, why did you take your shirt off, Daniel tasers people.The redemption involves Hartford Hawks soccer goalkeeper Nenad Cudic[9] that features Brandi Chastain attempting to score on him.Cudic had achieved notoriety on November 11, 2009 in a shootout with the Stony Brook Seawolves when Cudic performed cartwheels to unsuccessfully distract his opponent in a game that Hartford lost. Season 2 | Episode 16 Daniel interrogates the World of Warcraft freakout kid with Police Academy's Michael Winslow.

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