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But Ehrman has a different definition: “Someone who is no .” People will think you worship Satan Many Americans don’t actually know any professed atheists, according to surveys - which means they often seem to assume the worst about them.

“Frankly, most of the hate and distrust comes from misunderstanding about who we are.” You don’t have to convince your friends, family and neighbors to accept all of your views, the atheist activist says. Sometimes it’s better to stay in the closet After secular conferences like the one here Raleigh, many nonbelievers get so jazzed that they rush home and blurt out … It may help the atheist movement as a whole to share your lack of faith with friends and family.

The Wisconsin-based foundation co-sponsored the event with the Triangle Freethought Society, which draws its members from this state’s tech-heavy Research Triangle.

The nonbelievers came from as far afield as Ireland and France, but most described themselves as refugees from the heart of the South - atheist anomalies amid fiercely devout friends, family and neighbors.

But it’s not always the best - or the safest - move for you, she says.

Recovering From Religion’s online support groups are filled with stories about people who lost their jobs, their kids or their spouses after coming out as atheist, Morehead says. People don’t realize how big a difference expressing their nonbelief can make.” Recovering From Religion recommends having a plan in place before coming out as atheist.

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