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When you go to NAPA for parts you need to know paint color, size of lugnuts, type of seat, and gear ratio, just to get the right spark plugs.barrel with the models stamped in them are made by t/c barrels with out models stamped into them are made by other companys The thompson center first m/l barrel were made by sharon barrel company barrels made by sharon have a spade stamped into them on the underside of the barrel behind the wedge pin slot.The next company after Sharon was Douglas barrels most of then runnning from the mid 70's to early 80's. Here she is, with the new(used) .36 barrel. So I used walnut analine dye to darken it evenly then sprayed on 4 coats of satin epoxy, not a traditional finish but it sure works good. I think Lonewolf's statements might apply to early barrels, but not later ones.(which TC "rated" the gun at) That is the only ML I have with a recoil bad on its stock like a modern Hi Power rifle.

TC put model names on barrels at least in the early 1980s, probably back into the 1970s. The gun is being sold by someone going thru a divorce. Like everything else T/C made, those are well made of good strong steel and worth considerably more than 0. I just started out in BP Shooting & I picked this one up for 0.00.Both of these would have been made well after TC began making their own barrels. If the barrel is good and the price is right, I'll buy it without worrying about how old it might be. Looks like a real nice one :) I just broke off a cleaning brush in a Bbl that has been sitting idle for 20 years...Seems the new bore brushes are pressure fit into a screw housing... Up to the ranch to get the tubing again :p Greg, one problem that I found with my Seneca was that, if I squeezed the trigger guard, it would cause the rear trigger to bind and not kick forward to trip the sear. I squished a .32 Auto case (IIRC) and slipped it onto the brass riser section behind the rear trigger as a temporary block to keep it from moving. Really need to do something that looks better some day... Makes small ragged groups at 25 yards, good for tree rats.

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I went shooting today in a snow storm, I shot 2 groups at 50 yds with 30 gr pyrodex P and t/c maxi's, one went 1.5" the other 1.125". As an example, I have two custom shop " roundball barrels.

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