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Obviously, it also means more captivating storylines; an expansion of a universe so extensive that it’s constantly developed in books and other forms; and beautiful locations teeming with secrets waiting to be discovered…but more characters to kiss is the best part for many people.It’s no wonder, given that Dragon Age has a plethora of fascinating characters.Friends are constantly posting screenshots of their favorite characters, especially the ones they want to kiss, like they did when Fire Emblem: Awakening came out.

And if not, you can romance a lady robot—which some of you might think is even better.

The other thing I know is that there’s much more to it than this, like its tactical gameplay and extensive story.

It’s made me think about games like it—games that incorporate romance but have a sprawling universe, compelling story and engaging gameplay that do most of the work to maintain your attention.

The 4th DLC character for SNK Heroines on Switch has the same trademark and file size as the one listed for Smash Ultimate.

Based off of the conversations between my friends on Twitter, one of two things that I know about Fire Emblem: Three Houses is that there are several attractive people you can romance.

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Mass Effect Mass Effect is known for many things, but perhaps its most praised aspect is its extremely well-written characters, many of whom you can form romances with (and some of those romances are excellent).

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