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Most importantly, you will be able to read female body language and never feel like you don't know how she is feeling about you.This will enable you to escalate at the proper time, and also increase attraction if it is starting to wane.​Adam Lyons used to be considered the #1 pickup artist in the world, but he came to realize that the pick up arts are somewhat over-rated and completely ignore the most powerful aspect of attraction: body language.He also dives deep into human interactions and shares how many people can actually conduct a real conversation... Do it right, and you will always be welcomed into the group.99% of people don't know this simple aspect of human interaction, and almost all guys mess this up when approaching a new group of people. Do it right, and you are almost guaranteed to be accepted into the new group.​Kinetic Attraction is a body language mastery program created by Adam Lyons.The result of learning this method is you will be able to harness 93% of your communication skills that most men never are able to utilize.Adam teaches how to use your body language skills to create highly effective methods for communicating your wants, needs, and desires, in a way that engages people to respond favorably to you every single time.

Adam is a known and well respected body language expert and ​has been on CNN as a body language reader, they called him the human lie detector.He even shows how to tell how attracted a woman is to you, even if she is talking to or even texting other guys.He shares all of the important elements that let you know whether someone is attracted to you.And it is the exact opposite of what you are probably expecting.You can use this same method to determine who is attracted to who, in any social situation. ​You will learn how to use your the vulnerability of your 'vital' area to control and lead any interaction with women.

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