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Kids are more likely to be open with their parents if they don’t feel pressured to share information.Remember even an offhand comment about something that happened during the day is her way of reaching out, and you’re likely to hear more if you stay open and interested — but not prying.2. It is often our tendency to try to solve problems for our kids, or downplay their disappointments.It is a phase that will pass, and your job as parent is still vitally important, only the role may have changed slightly.Here are some tips for navigating the new terrain:1. If you are curious about what’s going on in your teen’s life, asking direct questions might not be as effective as simply sitting back and listening.

While they’re an open book to their friends, who they talk to constantly via text messages and social media, they might become mute when asked by mom how their day went.The teenage years have a lot in common with the terrible twos.During both stages our kids are doing exciting new things, but they’re also pushing boundaries (and buttons) and throwing tantrums.It’s important for kids to know that they can be in proximity to you, and share positive experiences, without having to worry that you will pop intrusive questions or call them on the carpet for something.8. Sitting down to eat a meal together as a family is another great way to stay close.Dinner conversations give every member of the family a chance to check in and talk casually about sports or television or politics. It’s normal for kids to go through some changes as they mature, but pay attention if you notice changes to her mood, behavior, energy level, or appetite.

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