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*The option menu isn't fully customised as of the moment due to time constraint, but we will fix this in our official release of the game.

Since this is our first time making a game, there bounds to be mistakes and places for improvement; we would be very eager to receive any comments and suggestions on how we can make it better!

Believe me, I know all to well about trust, lack of it, the insecurities it represents and the implosions of …. I am reminded of that episode of Boy Meets World, where the boys do a little skit about the stupidity of men to win back their wives and girlfriends All because they had the brilliant idea they could change and control them. In fact bringing a date can be just as stressful, do I have to hold his hand constantly if he doesn’t know anyone? But as a good little yogi I knew I had to put those aside and take a positive outlook. I settled for EHarmony after talking to various friends.

For centuries, centuries, I feel like, people have been trying to change others. And then if it is family, oh lord he is going to meet Aunt Donna in all her glory? A few months ago, I decided to give that online dating thing ago.

we tend to be forced to be passive and sweet in these types of games, and i think that especially with being a vampire, it would be a real shame to not even have the option of being more confident.

*The demo contains around 7000 words and approximately 30 minutes gameplay, depending on your reading speed.although we put in some game overs too XD friends, best friends, romance and special romance (i.e.more scenes and stuff at the end) You also get a chance to have a friendship with one of the other characters at the end if you get a non-romance ending. There's still a lot of work to do like the backgrounds (we are being lazy atm and just using Mizuho screenshots) but thought I would put some screenshots up for pairing day because I ship Lloyd x Anyone prettymuch hahaha You might recognize the sprites from this picture I did last year:thumb334056870:because I made them for this game!! in-game the characters blink but atm only Lloyd has different expressions.. v=RI_ch C…EDIT 3 - There's now a Let's Play on Youtube!!Thank you for playing our game and making such an entertaining video for it XDHere's the link -

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  1. Also, adds some views to Estuary skin that fully take advantage of all the metadata and assets AEL supports. Note that to use this view you need to install AEL 0.9.8 from Github or wait until 0.9.8 is officially released. and then for example "Change Fanarts Path" (which is empty right now) the context menu is disappearing and I'm back at my collection without a chance to change/add the directory. Hey bushida87, thanks for your quick reply It's kinda working now ...