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All cultures and religions preach that students are supposed to respect their teachers and should try to learn from them not only what’s there in the academic curriculum but also the values of life.

Teachers have an important role in building the personality of students and the relationship they develop with them determines the student’s academic and personal growth.

This increases the need for teachers to modify their behavior according to each students needs.

In this way the teacher would be able to develop a level of understanding with every student and the students would feel they are important which would boost their self esteem.

It is the teacher’s responsibility to monitor every student individually so that their progress could be monitored and attention can be divided between students accordingly. When in primary school the teacher usually acts as a mother for students and guides them about every little thing.

In secondary and post secondary school the approach of teachers becomes more professional.

In order to overcome this hindrance the teachers need to be extremely patient.

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