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Cupid then struck, and the two began dating from early 2018.Even though Kat Von D hooked up with Kevin Llewellyn in 2017, they have known each other for a while.Llewellyn said in a post, “I could draw you all day and never tire of your beauty, Kat…”Von D replied, “Because my drawing skills pale in comparison, I’ll write a million songs for you in return.”Wow! According to the rumor mill, Kat Von D and Tom Green got together in 2016.It was more like a reunion really, as it was alleged that they dated each other in 2013, as well.Reyes is an author, artist, and musician, who sings vocals and plays guitar for his band, Prayers.

Von D had a whirlwind romance with Steve-O, which lasted barely three months.What’s really obvious is that right from her first husband, Oliver Peck, to her second and current husband, Rafael Reyes, Kat Von D’s boyfriends have been associated with the arts.Most of them are musicians like Alex Orbison, Ville Valo (rumored), Nikki Sixx, Deadmau5, Tom Green, and Steve-O.Their love messages to each other scorched social media, making their fans hopeful that Von D and the former star would be together for a long time.Steve-O posted photos of Von D with the caption, “How can I be so lucky?

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She has a soft spot for musicians, which is clearly evident from the men who came into her life later, like Nikki Sixx, Deadmau5, and her current husband, Rafael Reyes.

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