Stamp dating and dictionary

A natural occurrence in flat-plate printed stamps where the paper has shrunk and the gum did not shrink at the same rate, causing the stamp to wrinkle.

This will not lower a stamp's value unless it is severe.

This guide to stamp collecting abbreviations has been compiled for those who may need a bit more clarity to fully understand the various classifications and philatelic terms.

If this space is large, the stamp is usually referred to as a 'jumbo' and is more attractive and desirable.While almost every contemporary postmark includes a location as well as a date, in 2004 New Zealand Post announced plans to eliminate the location on their postmarks and include only the date; however, information about this can be determined by a three-number code on the postmarks.In Great Britain the first postmark employed for the cancellation of the then new adhesive postage stamps was the Maltese Cross, so named because of its shape and appearance.Some historians also consider these postmarks to be the world's first postage 'stamps'.In the 19th century and early 1900s it was common for letters to receive multiple postmarks indicating the time, date, and location of each post office delivering or transporting the letter, and this is still occasionally true, though to a lesser extent (see "backstamp").

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