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Or you can find out if your bank will accept a stale-dated check.

Let’s say you find Aunt Nellie’s check stuffed into your junk drawer – but it was written more than six months ago. You can return the check to Aunt Nellie, explain the issue, and ask her for a replacement check, with the current date, of course.

This guideline is included in the Uniform Commercial Code as well.In other words: the bank isn't required to pay a check more than six months old. When I became impatient and left, the manager was helping her. founded Get Rich Slowly to document his quest to get out of debt. Just smart money advice to help you reach your goals.It sounded as if they were going to waive the overdraft fee, but there was nothing they could do about the fact that the woman was still thirty or forty dollars short in her account. Over time, he learned how to save and how to invest. He wants to help you master your money — and your life. The Department of Veterans Affairs can be reached at 800-827-1000. Department of Treasury checks must be deposited or cashed within one year from the issue date.You can contact the Office of Personnel Management 888-767-6738 or 202-606-0500. Although you cannot legally cash your expired Treasury check, you still have a right to receive the funds. You must follow the agency's reissue process to receive a new one.

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