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Exquisite and dignified, these women make incredible life partners.

If you are looking for an intellectual lady who will be able to discuss any topic with you, choose a girl from St. Most of them have higher education and know several foreign languages, so they also make good travelling companions.

Instead of being worshiped, these women are underestimated.

There is also a constant lack of men in this country, so the brides from Saint Petersburg resort to online dating services in order to meet a real man, who has the same goals in life.

The influence of Europe is rather strong in this multinational city, so it might be a little easier to get along with a local bride than with a woman from other part of Russia.

They will hardly ever judge you by your origin or religious beliefs.

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We helped thousands of single men to avoid the Russian dating scams since October, 2000.

Unfortunately, they often fall victims of an aggressive behavior and an arrogant attitude, typical of some Russian men.

All women from the city on the Neva River have an intrinsic sense of proportion and elegance. Such a bride prefers natural colours in clothes as well as in her makeup, because they gently enhance her inborn beauty.

These ladies do not like showing off too much and, instead of blatant colours, they adore black and all shades of gray.

Being good mothers and wives is a must for them, as it is considered to be a sign of family well-being in Russia.

The girls, who create profiles at Saint Petersburg marriage agency, are looking for a mature and a reliable partner.

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