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If you download it from the above links and still get the expiration error message, then try again periodically.

It might also help to clear any browser/download caches on your computer. Where possible the moderators will allow sufficient time for the original poster to come back and mark the replies to their questions as answers.

Buffer manager checks in data cache of buffer pool to see if it has page already in cache memory.

If page exists, it passes results to Access methods.

If not exists it pulls required pages from mdf datafile put in data cache and passes it back to Access methods. Every data page that is read from disk is written a copy here before using.

Under memory pressure these pages are flushed from cache using LRU (Least recently used) policy.

It might also help to clear any browser/download caches on your computer.

Kai, I have followed the PDF yet I have issues running the code. IPublic Edit Entry$IEntry Element.model Object() of an object returned from wf.SQL Server will not allow to do modifications directly on MDF.SQL Server will make a copy of pages from MDF to buffer. Null Pointer Exception: while trying to invoke the method wf.IPublic Edit Entry$IContext Node.current Entry Element() Any ideas?

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