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Then, as “Conviction” goes on, Sam uncovers a conspiracy to assassinate the Commander-In-Chief.

It’s a been-there plot device, but one that echoes effectively in these days where Tea Party antics grab headlines and Facebook has pages where people pray for the President to die.

(I work not on calendar time, but on Naked Capitalism time, and when I mentally filed that I was “on for Links Monday” I thought “Oh, I’ll do Water Cooler after Links.” However, “Monday” is Monday for Tuesday morning…. Electing Blue Dogs is key to achieving that, exactly as it was in 2009. UPDATE “DCCC Raised .6 Million in February” [Roll Call].

So if today were Monday, I would be right on time.) In any case, I had a lovely vacation day, working on other projects. –Lambert Trade “[The Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS)] said all five major transportation modes– truck, rail, pipeline, vessel and air –moved more U. freight with Canada and Mexico by value in 2017 compared to 2016. What a shame: UPDATE “Democrats Notching Key Legislative Victories Ahead of Elections” [Roll Call]. “The DCCC raised .38 million from online donations in February, with an average online gift of .

score of 86 and, once the NPD Group’s monthly video game sales charts hit in a few weeks, “Conviction”‘s numbers should make it one of April’s top-selling games.

Most critics agree that it’s a good (verging on great) game.

That balancing act is something the players buying Fisher’s game are having to figure out, too.

The average age of the first-wave hardcore gamer — the ones who’ve made successive generations of video game hardware and software in a multi-billion dollar business — falls somewhere in the early to mid-30s now. What “Splinter Cell” does in an uncanny subtextual fashion is mirror those changes in both plot and game design.

The loss of a child gets used as a story beat often in adventure fiction, but a big chunk of the game’s audience is reaching the point in their own lives where that may hit home a little harder.The mechanics give players an older, warier Sam Fisher who’s finding his footing in a new gameworld, just like the older, warier person controlling him may be navigating new financial or familial circumstances.The common theme here, for Fisher and gamer, is that we have to change how we play as we get older.Bank deregulation isn’t just Democrat corruption, but their ? When I hear one of those “powerful stories” I’m gonna write it down on a piece of paper and use that for my next co-pay. CA: “Despite pleas from the state and national party, only a handful of Democrats bowed out before the candidate filing deadline, setting up a potential nightmare scenario for the party” [Los Angeles Times (Kokuanani)]. NIXON rips off the gloves in her opening speech: " The Koch brothers donated ,000 to Andrew Cuomo when he first ran in 2010..UPDATE “‘You can only scare so many people to the polls’—Republicans rethink Pelosi tactics” [Mc Clatchy]. “A crowded Democratic field means most candidates will get only a small portion of the vote. They knew a good investment when they saw one." — Shane Goldmacher (@Shane Goldmacher) March 20, 2018 Refreshing.

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I'm on my phone as I post this, so I won't be able to put too much detail. notable deals (scroll down to page 2) are in the thread title, plus the CE for Splinter Cell will be $69.99 ($70 off). SC: Blacklist hasn't updated online for some reason, but doing Pick [email protected] shows that the prices are active--used copies are $18.99 (as I predicted ).

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