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General Tips Moodlet Manager The Moodlet Manager will make the game and earning achievements much easier since it cures all negative and neutral moodlets, and restores your Sim's needs.(Sometimes the Moodlet Manager fails and your Sim will be exhausted but choose "cure" again and you'll be fine.) You can fully concentrate on making money, developing your skills, relationships, etc.Bring Buttons Goth, her cat, into your home (you don't really need Rebecca to move in, for simplicity's sake, just her cat, though you get a little extra cash if Rebecca moves in, too).Since Buttons comes with 5 traits already, this makes the remainder of your job MUCH easier -- her starting traits are: .Note: The action cannot be forced, your cat/dog's AI automation needs to randomly do the action. Also actions such as friendly or aggressive actions will add either trait.To make things easier you will want to befriend Rebecca Goth until you can ask her to with you.During this playthrough you can also go for all the 'Mystery-Journal' and collectible achievements.Step #2: Mop Up Playthroughs Once you unlocked all the achievements possible on the first playthrough start a couple new games to mop up the remaining ones.

Kinect is entirely optional and is not required to unlock any achievement or challenge.

I'd only recommend this after achieving 1000 in the game.

[x360a would like to thank Hawaiian for this roadmap].

The Sims 3: Pets is a new standalone game that includes nearly all the content of the previous release and additionally allows you to create pets from loyal dogs to daring kitties and enables you to determine their looks and personality traits.

You can play as your pet and control it like a normal Sim.

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